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Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX

Houston Regenerative Center and Med Spa Offers Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Houston, TX. For More Information Call Us Today or Visit Us at 4801 Woodway Drive Suite 371W Houston, TX 77056.

 Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX

Why choose us for laser hair removal?

Houston Regenerative Center offers a premier laser Hair Removal service in the Houston area.
Our patient-focused practice strives to ensure our customers experience the best personalized aesthetic treatments.
Our staff are highly trained and certified on the industry’s leading technology to ensure your treatments are safe, effective, and consistent.

Our professional laser technicians are experienced and eager to deliver the highest standard of service to surpass your expectations.

We offer a lifetime warranty to deliver our promise and safeguard your investment.

Our warranty guarantees that you will continue getting laser hair removal treatments at a fraction of the normal cost if you want additional sessions after completing your recommended treatments.

What Skin Types we treat?

At Houston Regenerative Center & MedSpa, we can safely treat all skin color and types. Our laser equipment are the most advanced and versatile in the industry. We use either Alexandrite or Nd:YAG platforms utilizing the GentleMax Pro laser equipment which is considered one of the best in the laser hair removal industry. Learn more about our equipment.

How much does it cost?

We understand that everybody’s needs are different. We also understand that you look for the greatest results at an amazing price. So, We have put together pricing packages that fit almost every budget keeping in consideration an optimal outcome.

The treated body areas are usually divided into small, medium, and large body areas.

Examples of body area size:

  • Small : upper lips, chin , hands, feet, bikini.
  • Medium: face, neck, under arms, Brazilian , half( arms, legs, abs, back).
  • Large: arms, legs, abs, and back.

Pricing examples: (per treatment)*

  • Back$180, half back $100
  • Chest$150, half chest $100
  • Legs$250, half legs $125
  • Arms$150, under arms $60
  • Face $100, lip $40, chin $40
  • Brazilian $160, bikini $80
  • Buttocks $150

Package Pricing: (1 year unlimited treatments + Our warranty)**

  • Small area: $200
  • Medium area: $400
  • Large area: $600
  • Half Body: $800
  • Full Body: $1200

*Special pricing is available when combining multiple areas.
** 6-8 weeks interval in between treatments is required depending on the skin type and the treated areas.

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