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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Houston, TX

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Near Me Houston, TX

Have you been dealing with an issue like an unsightly scar or sun damage? Or do you want a more youthful and appealing appearance? Either way, you may be considering a skin rejuvenation treatment like a chemical peel or something else. We provide these treatments here at Houston Regenerative Center. To learn more about them, contact our med spa or just come over to get a feel for our spa-like environment! We’re here for you in Houston, TX.

What is rejuvenation treatment?

Skin rejuvenation treatment is all about revitalizing and even renewing the skin! The whole point is for a person to get a more youthful, vibrant look. This is possible with a treatment like microneedling which uses a dermaroller that pricks the skin to induce collagen production in the area. This collagen production is key because we tend to lose collagen and our ability to produce it with age, but when we induce the production of collagen, it actually renews and reforms the treatment area. The collagen gives our skin elasticity and strength too, and elasticity and strength give our skin tightness and a smooth appearance!

There are other methods for rejuvenating the skin, like microdermabrasion which can also induce collagen production. Microdermabrasion is also great for exfoliating the skin. Another benefit of skin rejuvenation is that it can help address skin issues caused by aging, sun exposure, acne, etc. Wrinkles, for example, can be treated with skin rejuvenation methods! On top of all that, skin rejuvenation methods are all noninvasive or minimally invasive at worst.

What is best for skin rejuvenation?

This really depends on your particular health and cosmetic needs. Do you have especially dry skin? Do you have particular skin problems you want to deal with? For significant acne scarring, you might find that microneedling is the best treatment option for you. It can also treat age spots, fine lines, and more. Microdermabrasion might be best for improving skin tone and texture. If you answered “yes” to our question about having dry skin, then dermaplaning may be for you. A chemical peel is a great option for a number of different skin issues or for an overall brighter look to your face.

Each of the options we mentioned has its own benefits and can improve the signs of aging or different skin issues. A combination of treatments may be right for you. The way to find out is to have a simple consultation with us here at Houston Regenerative Center! We can help you decide how to proceed and then provide whatever treatment(s) you wish.

How often should you do skin rejuvenation?

This also depends on your needs as well as the treatment(s) you get. It will take a bit of time for your skin to heal up after a treatment. With microneedling, for example, you could have a session every four to six weeks. The same goes for chemical peels. With microdermabrasion, you might just need three to four weeks between treatments. We’ll help you come up with a treatment plan during your consultation with us.

Do you offer skin rejuvenation treatments in Houston, TX?

You bet we do! You’ll find our med spa over at 4801 Woodway Drive Suite 371W Houston, TX 77056, and we offer chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and more here. If you’re interested, we’d like to hear from you, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have for us, either over the phone or in-person. Call us today at (832) 293-4935 or go ahead and book your consultation with us online. Or, if you like, come by our clinic to get a feel for our spa-like atmosphere and take it in for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Houston Regenerative Center!